Meridian Youth Soccer Organization is committed to player development.  Our programs, including the MYSO Recreational League, Academy Program and Alliance Futbol Club, all share that same commitment to development.  Ever wonder what the purpose of each of these programs are or what to expect?  Our recently released Development Model contains the specifics of each of the programs and the relationship between the programs.  The purpose of this publication is to provide each family the tools and information to easily determine the best option for each child's development.  

Have more questions?  Let us know, we will be happy to help!  
We are passionate about soccer and hope to see you on the field soon!

Field: OPEN

Didn't play soccer with us in the fall, now's your chance to play in the spring

Registration is now OPEN

All games are at Jaycee Soccer Complex. 

Field Names/Changes:

U4-U6 - Nelson Hall or Citizens National Bank 
U7/U8 - John O'Neil Johnson Toyota or Woodstock
U10 - Anderson or Glass Inc.
U12 - Hodge Orthodontics or Structural Steel 

We apologize for any confusion. Have a great time on the soccer fields!!